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About Me… Avon with Kevin.

Hi, my name is Kelvin, I have lived in Basingstoke majority of my life and love how much Basingstoke has moved forward within the last few years.

Kelvin loves how diverse Basingstoke (& the whole of the UK) has become over the years. So, when he was procrastination over the fact of becoming an Avon Representative because he’s a man and the stereotype behind being an Avon Rep, he thought to himself, what’s there to lose. Just do it! 

This life is to live! Not to sit there and worry about other peoples thoughts and opinions.

Kelvin decided to become an Avon Rep because, as much as he loves his full-time job. It’s rather isolating. 

He loves people, he has always been a peoples person. The years before his current job he’d always worked in the hospitality sector, and loved it! 

Kelvin loves meeting new people, hearing the stories and he loves chatting! 

So this is the only reason Kelvin become an Avon Rep, to meet people and natter… Never had Kelvin thought to do this for the money. 

If you would like Kelvin to deliver you an Avon brochure, or know anyone that would like one. With no obligation to place an order, please get in touch.

One of Kelvins ideas moving forward is, that he would love to help people place orders online. For those that are not computer literate. 

Kelvin is a very patient and caring person. He loved training in his previous jobs. From being the person in charge of training new starters, to managing the shift. 

Kelvin has the vision to help people, that want to learn, to get more confident online. And with shopping with Avon Online.

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