Men Make up

One in twenty British men now wear makeup

Welcome to the 21st CENTURY 😉

Men Make up

More men use makeup to their boost confidence, hide blemishes, or accentuate their features than you may think

A new YouGov Omnibus survey shows that one in thirty (3%) of men wear makeup either once a month (1%) or less (2%).

One in fifty men wear it on a weekly basis, and one in a hundred (1%) wear it every single day. An additional  1% puts it on between two and six days a week.

That means that one in twenty British men (5%) now wears makeup, to some extent.

One in ten 18 to 24-year-old men have worn makeup in private

YouGov ran a follow-up survey to explore when and why men are choosing to wear makeup.

One in twenty-five has worn it in private, such as at home. This rises to one in ten men aged between 18 and 24.

Original Post: Yougov.co.uk

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