Diversity is a wonderful thing!

Avon as a company has been around for many years!

diversity with kelvin and Avon

MAYBE… they, as a company are stuck in the past? 21st CENTURY! We need to see more men within AVON as a company.

Men love to look after themselves too – I know for one, I love a decent moisturiser!

I, myself am a sales leader for Avon, BUT I HATE the slogan – “a company for women” – AND I feel there is a-lot that Avon can, and, must do to be as up-dated as I personally feel it should be.

We need more quality male products, more male-targeted advertising, more focus on what men want, more research into male cosmetics and what works for men…

Are you interested in becoming a Rep with Avon?

Are you interested in becoming a Rep with Avon?

“I would like to just point out that Avon was founded by a MAN!” – Shock!

Avon NEEDS to be updated to be able to fit in with the whole diverse world of the 21st century!

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